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National University 1st Year Honors Result (New)

NU Honours 1st Year exam Results

National University Authority. It may be First of March. The following result can be published anytime in this month. So, just wait for some days to get it. National UniversityHonours 1st Year Result NU Honours 1st Year Exam Result is for regular & irregular students. NU.EDU.BD Honours 1st Year Result will announce by National University official website at and National University Honours NU 1st Year Exam Result will also available at our website.

Now, examines are waiting for NU Honours 1st Year
Exam Result. Generally, National Universityresult would publish after 3 or 4 month completing the exam. But this year, result will publish very quickly. After publishing this result, they will registration for 2nd year. If any student failed in any subject, he/she should not be tensed for this. Because, he/she will attend that paper/subject next year with new schedule. So, don’t worry students, you will know your result within short time.

Students can check result by mobile text or web portal. When result is published, both media hanged due to huge traffic. Normally, NU Honours result will publish at 2:00 PM by mobile network and students can check result online after 7:00 PM. After completed honors exam, students are waited eagerly to get result early. National Universitycould not publish exam result timely due to session loss.

How to check NU Honours First Year Exam Result Online NU.EDU.BD ?

To check your Honours First Year result online follow the instruction below:

  1. first Click Click on Honours Tab then Click on 1st Year. After Clicking on 1st year Tab a form will show with 3 box Like “Roll/Registration. No”, “Exam Year” , “Captcha Code” and Search Result .
  2. On the “Roll/Registration Number” box Type your Roll or Registration number which one You Have.
  3. On the “Exam Year” box Type your exam year. NB: By default there may be written previous year . If you found there is already then you have nothing to don on this box.
  4. Before the last box you will found a picture with some Numeric Letter/Number which is known as Captcha Code. Just Enter the Code on the last box. If nothing shown on captcha picture then you must click “Click here to refresh” Button.
  5. Eventually Click on “Search Result” Button. If you done all the previous step correctly then Your Result will be shown on a new window of your browser.
  6. Remember one thing: Sometimes after click on “Search Result” Button there shown “The captcha code does not match!” if it’s happen then type the new “Captcha Code” and click on “Search Result” Button again.

NU Honours 1st Year Special Results

Now, examinees are waiting for NU Honours 1st Year Exam Result. Generally, National Universityresult would publish after 5 or 6 month completing the exam. But this year, result will publish very quickly. After publishing this result, they will registration for 2nd year. If any student failed in any subject, he/she should not be tensed for this. Because, he/she will attend that paper/subject next year with new schedule. So, don’t worry students, you will know your result within short time.
NU.EDU.BD Honours 1st Year Exam Result

There are many examines were attend at 165 centers (approximate) in National University Honours 1st Year Exam 2019 for regular and irregularly from about 415 colleges. Before this, students filled-up their form from 1st January without overdue charge and to 4th February 2022with overdue charge. This whole applying process happened by online.

The exams were held at 9.00 am. There are some exams date was changed for some political cause. That would hold after. 1st exam was suspended 3 times for Strike, and examinees were so much insecurity for their exam. Practical exam was held after theoretical exam. This year many regular and irregular examines were attend in the Honours 1st Year Exam .
NU Honours 1st Year Exam Result and all process handled by National University authority Gazipur. We will announce National University Honours 1st Year Exam Result 2019 in right time. So, feel free always and visit our site.

re you looking for honours 1st year result 2022? Then you are in the right place and here you will get honours first year result 2020 for the regular session 2018-19. The Honours 1st year Result 2020 will publish on 6 January 2020(100%) according to the information of national universities in Bangladesh. Honours 1st year result 2020 will available on our site and also national university official site. You can check your full result with marksheet through Education BD. We hope your honours 1st year Result 2020 will be very good because this result will help to get higher CGPA after 4th year result.
Honours First year exam 2019 started on 1st August 2019 and ended 26 September 2019. This is a big time the students of the National University because Nu never gives lots of time to the students for their examination. National University Honours first year Result 2019 will publish the Last week of December 2019.

Honours 1st Year Results 2022

The NationalUniversity is one of the best and largest Universities in Bangladesh. Every year the first year honours examination is held. Honours the first year are a very important exam for new students who admitted college with lots of hope. They don’t know about the rules of the national university. For that, they always search for many rules about nation university exams, results and others. But they didn’t get their expected result in Google search or other search engines. So this the first website that will give your question answer at randomly. We always are taking care of our visitors especially our new students who they don’t know about the policy and rules of the national university.
Last a lot of students attended honours first year exam 2019. According to the rules of the National University, the result will be given within 60 days of the end of any examination under the National University. Since 60 days over so nu will publish any time their result for honours first year students. The probable date of honours first year examination result is February 2019. If the date will miss then the sure date of honours first year exam result will next week of February. According to information on the Nu helpline, the result will publish last week of December or January.

Honours 1st year result 2023 with marksheet.

These results are only for the students who are the session of 2018-2019(Regular Students) and 2017-2018(improvement or Irregular Students) and also for the students who are at the 2016-17 session. Honours session is counting according to the student’s admission. The result mainly calls honours first year result 2019 Because of the national university counting the previous year resulting system. When you can take the results of the National University website then you will have to put the year 2023.

Honours First Year Result: National University Honours Result

Graduation is the first step in the first year of Honours. If this year results will good then others years will automatically good. Because If one year result will bad then honours first year result will fit the result and Average result of the total year will very good. So you have to make the first year result better. Otherwise, you will drop for your graduation. So you have to very careful in your first year result and ensure your result very well than others. So I suggest all of you for making your first your result better and I wish you all the best for your results.

National UniversityHonours 1st Year Result By Online

National Universitypublishes their result in a different way. Online method is one of them. You can get your result through online. It is the easiest way to get result online by national university result website. National Universityhas three different websites for publishing their results. The websites are

How To Get Honours First Year Result 2020 By SMS

SMS is one the best way to get results because many of us don’t use the internet for that There is a good option in the national university. You can Get Your result by through SMS. SMS charge 2.30TK/SMS. Forgetting result honours first year 2017 Go To Message option on your phone and

Example: NU H1 123654841 Send To 16222.

Honours 1st Year Result 2022 Session

Thanks for reading this whole article. We hope your result will be outstanding So that your family will be delighted. Keep in touch with educationbd and we will give you the right information.
We wish all the students good luck. So that all the candidates have a good result. Can improve their lives. If you have any problem with getting your result just comment here using your Facebook account. After publishing the result we will give you the result quickly.
Remember one thing that If your results are bad for any reason, do not be upset and study yourself for the next year.

Often, if the website or encompassing number is not sent, the result will not be available. Don’t get after seeing this. This is a just a fault. Because these results are published within a few days. These called withheld results.

If you have any problem with getting a withheld result then contact your college or Board Gazipur. After full fill requirements, they will publish your result.

Thanks for reading this article and I wish you the best of luck and Great wishes for your results. Again Said That For getting the result quickly Comment here.

Honours 1st Year Result 2022: National University 1st Year examination happened from 1st December 2022to 4th February 2022. But the Honours First Year result not published yet. It’s draw a conflict to Crush Program of National University. This time candidates from 2017-18 Regular batch and 2014-15, 2015-16 and 2017-18 session irregular batch and improvement batch has attend the examination.
National UniversityFirst Year result will published soon. NU Honours 1st year examination results will be published on January 2022at 4PM.
Exact Date and Time for NU Honours First Year Result 2023 Publish
National Universityhas a rapid result published system Called National University Crush Program. It helps National University to low down the waiting time for result after exam happened. The program also helps NU to control the session jam. And finally it brings a fresh air to the students of National University.

Under Crush Program NU must have to published all of their result within max of three months after exam happened. But this time, three months over for Honors 1st Year Result. But still now NU not announce any notice for NU Honours 1st Year Result. Hopefully the result will published soon. And You can check the result from our website.
National Universitypublished Honours 1st Year Result in two method. Firstly, they published Honours 1st year result online on their official two listed website. and is those website. But on the day of results their will be a huge pressure on their website. So, if you want to know your result first, please visit our site Secondly, NU published the Hons first Years result 2019 through SMS method at 4PM on the same day of result.

Finally, press the Search Result Button. If you imputed all the information correctly, your result will be appear on the next window on your screen.

NB, Few times their was a problem with captcha. If you got a message The Captcha Code Doesn’t Match! After click Search Result button. Then type the new Captcha Code correctly to get the result. Please disable all the add blocker to check the result properly.

Alternative way to get Result using College Wise Method.

There are an alternative way to check the National University first Year Result 2020. NU publish the Honours 1st Year result 2020 for student on their site. But they another college wise result for college authority. As if this for only College Authority, any student is unable to check the Honours College wise result 2019. In this post we will describe the method how to check the college wise result individually.
On the result day, for a huge visitor pressure on the official site, its got harder to get the result. So, this method will helps the students to get their Honours 1st Year Result 2020 first. The Method is comment your Roll, Registration Number below.


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